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8+ Popular WordPress Map Plugins In 2024

Are you searching for a proper blog for the best option for WordPress Map Plugin? If yes, you are in right place. 

Whenever visitors landed on your business site, they want to know about your physical location. And this is the reason you will require a map plugin for your site.

Are you thinking, you can just mention the address of your site in the footer? You can do this but what if your visitors are newbies who are not familiar with that place. If there is a map attached to your site, any visitor can visit your office easily. 

So, it is essential to link the map address of your office to your site. So to attach the map address, you will require a WordPress map plugin.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few WordPress Map Plugins which will provide you with several amazing features.

WordPress Map Plugins

Geo Maps

WordPress Map plugin

Here, the list started with Geo Maps. It is one of the easy-to-use WordPress Map plugins. It comes with an unlimited marker tooltip feature that really helps you to build an amazing map for your site. With this, you can create an interactive map with easy access. Geo Map supports OpenStreet Maps and Google Maps which help you to customize your site maps.


  • Easy to use 
  • Comes with unlimited Map Markers
  • Support from OpenStreet Maps
  • Provides shortcode support
  • Option for marker popup on hover
  • Comes with a draggable Marker to create latitude and longitude

Interactive Geo Maps 

WordPress Map Plugin

Interactive Geo Maps is a freemium plugin but still packed with amazing features. With this, you can implement customizing and extending functionality maps to your site. Whether you are a travel blogger or a real estate agent, Interactive Geo Maps will be helpful for everyone.


  • Packed with unlimited responsive maps
  • Provides advanced zoom options
  • Option for map projections
  • Colored legends and colored markers
  • Comes with live filters
  • Tooltips and text labels


WordPress Map Plugin

MapSVG is one of the best Google map highlighter plugins. It helps you with interactive vector maps, image maps, map-based statistics, and many more. The plugin allows you to convert any png/jpeg image into a highly interactive map. And for this you can use tooltips, pop-ups, highlighting, region greying, and others. Here, you will find a wide range of customizing options with which you can create really an informative map. MapSVG provides you options like shades of color based on a statistic range, image attachment to regions and objects, custom Google map styles, filters, and others.


  • Easy access to Google maps, Vector maps, and image maps
  • Nifty tooltips and popups
  • Allows you to create beautiful templates for Tooltips and popups using HTML
  • Create a list of objects using custom fields
  • Custom markers and SVG files
  • Allows you to mix customizable interactive elements

Maps Marker Pro

WordPress Map Plugin

Likewise, Maps Marker Pro is one of the most popular premium WordPress map plugins. It allows you to build different kinds of maps for your site. With this, you can add multiple locations and custom markers. Moreover, it includes amazing Maps Marker Pro also offers multiple base maps, including Google Maps, Bing, Mapbox, OpenStreet Map, etc.


  • Easy access to create multiple types of maps
  • Supports TomTom Geocoding, Google Geocoding, 
  • Easy map navigation
  • Animated marker clusters for each map
  • GPX tracking
  • Option to share maps offline through QR codes


WordPress Map Plugin

MapifyPro is a popular premium WordPress map plugin. You can implement the plugin to add a store locator to your website. It is mostly used to integrate Google Maps with your website, but you are allowed to use it for your own custom maps. Now you can not only add zooming and panning features but also can provide directions to specific markers.


  • Comes with responsive maps with unlimited locations
  • Pins with tooltips and hover boxes
  • The option to add hotspots
  • Custom markers and animations
  • zooming and panning features
  • Image and video support

5sec Google Maps

WordPress Map Plugin

Similarly, 5sec Google Maps PRO is a premium WordPress map plugin. The plugin makes it easy to add maps to your website either with shortcodes or with a dedicated widget. I think this will be quite a great option to keep your business location visible across your site in your sidebar or footer. Moreover, the plugin offers a visual map builder to create custom maps in a quick and efficient way. 


  • Unlimited map markers
  • Dedicated map widget 
  • Amazing library of marker styles 
  • Unlimited color overlays
  • Build with text boxes for labeling markers
  • Pre-built directions form 

Google Maps Widget

If you are looking for an ultimate useful and handy WordPress Google Maps plugin, Google Maps Widget is the best option. It is an amazing way to integrate locations into your site. Now you need not wait anymore for hours to set up. Since it is extremely easy to use, even a layman can easily handle it.


  • Comes with customizable options
  • Custom Pin Icons option
  • Interactive Google Map 
  • Translation ready
  • Allows you to change the Map color scheme
  • Interactive layout

Google Maps Easy

WordPress Map Plugin

Moving forward, as per its name, Google Maps Easy is the popular and easy-to-use WordPress Map plugin. It helps you to create online Google maps in WordPress with easy access. As the plugin comes with both Free and Paid versions, you can upgrade it as per your requirement. The best part is, that it allows you to add Google Maps with a shortcode, open it in a pop-up and use the Google Maps widget.


  • User-friendly layout
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Unlimited map markers and locations
  • Map marker description: Image, video, email, text, or phone number 
  • Uses shortcode or PHP code to add maps
  • Import and export map markers easily


WordPress Map Plugin

Last but not least, MapPress is a free and easy-to-use WordPress Map plugin. It allows you to add Google Maps to a WordPress website in a proper way. Moreover, you can also create interactive Google and Leaflet maps. If you visit its Lite version, it allows you to create unlimited maps and add them with a modern and classic editor.


  • Free and easy to use
  • Packed with a shortcode, widget, or Gutenberg block
  • Allows you to create latitude and longitude coordinates 
  • Zoom level for the map
  • Custom map markers
  • Build maps based on custom fields


And it’s all about the WordPress Map plugins. We tried to gather a few amazing WordPress Map plugins to add a location to your site. Believe me, these all are packed with several outstanding features. Please go through the article and find the best WordPress map plugin for your site.

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